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      I had the amazing opportunity to attend two FAACT meetings last week.  I learned so much that I could go on and on about: the amazing resources FAACT has to offer; labeling information; the latest information on OIT and quality of life for those with food allergies. I learned more last week from those who attended than I thought I would. Eleanor and her team did an amazing job presenting information that was pertinent, up to date, and covered a large variety of subjects.
     What I wasn’t expecting was the bonding that took place.  I was in the room with some of the most amazing people who are all working together for those with food allergies. From top scientists, to leaders in the allergy community, to support group leaders, and one very well-known chef (who may or may not have a following of people with allergies).  Everyone there had one thing in common.  They want to make life better.  Better for that 1 in every 13 kids with food allergies, for those who are struggling to find a new normal, for those looking to make change in the world.
     I could not have been more proud to be there. To be standing in a room with Caroline Moassessi who let everyone know what it is REALLY like to live the life of a food allergy parent. To Amelia, speaking about Civil Rights associated with food issues. The support group leaders, Carolina, Ashely, Helen, Shanen, Kelly, Susan, Jen, and all the rest of you who were there.  To Chef Keith who, along with his staff, made safe meals for all those kids who invaded his restaurants (and you know they can eat!)  We are not alone in wanting to make changes for those with food allergies. Every one of us hold a key to putting this puzzle of allergies together. We are stronger together and after being in a room with all of those greats, I could not be more proud to call myself an advocate and could not be happier to call all of you my friends.
Check out the amazing resources here:
FAACT    http://www.foodallergyawareness.org
The Grateful Foodie    http://www.gratefulfoodie.com
     So if you have made it this far, I would like you to comment on one of the most important things you have learned to handle life with food allergies.  Please comment below to win this awesome prize pack!  Contest open to US residents only. One entry per comment, open till 11:59 PM October, 14, 2016.  ***PLEASE know these are allergy FRIENDLY products and you need to determine safety for your family.***

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