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Our goal is to raise awareness of life-threatening food allergies by lighting sites teal, the color of food allergy awareness.

The Prudential Center Boston 2016

We here at Light It Teal are not working alone!  From the beginning, we have said we do not want to reinvent the wheel and there are several organizations that do an amazing job with education, advocacy and fundraising for research.  We are part of the most amazing community and without all of these people who do such amazing work, we would be lost.

Thank you to the following:

Our Teal Sponsor- offering a full grade level tailored school program and amazing civil rights information.

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Connection Team

You can also check out these resources:

Allergy and Asthma Network

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Canadian Anaphylaxis Initiative

Kids with Food Allergies

Food Allergy Research and Education

End Allergies Together